Sunday, February 15, 2009

Three story Stories

Crooked Brains posted an article called 'Some books that you can't put down (because you can't lift them in the first place)', by 'Core77'. Notice how people go buy Amazon's Kindle instead of a new paperback book? Some people never experience the smell of a printed book, new and crisp or old and musty, let alone the joy of collecting a physcial library of books to display. In order to prevent the dissapearance of the paper book, Kansas City's public library installed three-story high, innovative billboards to advertise the library itself deisgned to look like classic literature. What a clever idea! Surprisingly UK's Cardiff library has also done the same thing with paperbacks.

-Picture is from Crooked Branins.
(Top photo is Kansas City's Public Library and the bottom is UK's Cardiff Library.)

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