Sunday, February 1, 2009

James Jean's "Kindling" exhibit

I wasn't expecting to see an illustrator of James Jean's caliber when I first visited the Johnathan Levine Gallery this last week. My boyfriend had kept it a secret on who we were seeing and I have to say that I was simply and completely stunned by it. Seeing his work on paper or online is one thing, even in high definition, but being able to see the full-size originals in person, let alone pieces that I hadn't seen before, was an opportunity I was glad to be able to catch. His ability to fully flush out details without overpowering the scene with needless extras is amazing. The surreal qualities of his work are also powerful and present in so many of the pieces in the "Kindling" exhibit. If you are an illustrator or simply appreciate modern illustration, please catch this exhibit before it leaves this Lower East Side Gallery before it's gone. You don't have the chance to see a rising master in the early days of his craft very often and this is exactly one of those chances.

James Jean's personal website also contains all of the images being shown at the "Kindling" exhibit.

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