Sunday, February 15, 2009

ModBook Upgrade

My first impression of Axiotrn's Modbook was simply AWESOME. This modified Mac-based rendering tablet will be the new next-generation laptop and a great tool for digital artists. I know that Wacom released the 'Cintiq 12WX' and 'Cintiq 21UX', which are pen-on-screen tablets, however, the Modbook is bit different than these screens. According to 'the apple blog' from 'Core77', Axiotron's Modbook is a tablet-based Mac that comes from pairing a Macbook with a Wacom pen display. They also added 'Sketchbook Express 2009' to it as well, making the Modbook the ultimate portable digital rendering or painting tool, making the digital artist's life a bit easier.

There are still cons to go with the pros about the Modbook, though, according to 'the apple blog'.

Pros: You can convert your own Macbook to Modbook, you just need to pay $1,299, making it only about a month's rent money. It's ultra-portablity is its other outstanding feature, of course.

Cons: It's way too expensive considering the current economy. Even though 'Sketchbook Express2009' comes with it for free, you either need to spend $1,299 to convert your old Macbook or you can get a new Modbook from the factory for $2,199. Ah, one more thing, Axiotron is currently only converting the pre-alumium Macbooks, so you can only get your Macbook changed if it's the older versions.

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