Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pocket Yoga Netbook

Last night, I spoke with my dad for an hour about what kind of futuristic products would be available in the future and I later came across this concept product from 'Core 77'. This slim looking mini-laptop is Lonovo's Pocket Yoga netbook. Its has a hinged design, so you can even put this netbook in your pocket and carry it around everywhere you go. Opening the lid tilts the keyboard up towards you and settles the screen at an angle while closing it allows you to draw or write directly on the touch screen. Once again, it is only a concept design, so we won't get to play with this nice leatherbound new toy just yet, although I hope it will see the light of day soon enough and open up a new way of connect to the world.

"We don't think we'd ever put Lenovo's Pocket Yoga netbook in our pocket, as shown in the photo, but we love the design of the hinge--opening the screen tilts the keyboard towards you, as seen below. It also looks like the hinge rotates on a second access, giving you tablet-like functionality. And the leatherbound casing is a nice touch.

Again, we're just trying to draw attention to the physical design features; there's no word on whether this thing will actualy be released. Lenovo has stressed that this is a concept from '07, parts of which may make their way into future models."

via electronista

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