Monday, March 30, 2009

RbG Rainbow Glasses

I found these great glasses frames from the membership gallery on Core77, designed by Spainish designer Luis Por'em. This RbG Rainbow Glasses project was for the contest Opus Award.

According to Luis Por'em, "the sturcture of this glasses has an internal channel where the colourful ink passes through, painting it with the colours you desire, allowing you to have a different look every time you want."

What a great idea! I imagined color-changing glasses before, but I never took the thought any further and just went on living with my glasses. However, he came up with a solution to the idea in an easy and simply way; just fill hollow frames with colored ink! For someone like me who needs to wear prescription glasses every single day and wishes to have a different look every once a while, these glasses will be on my MUST BUY list, for sure. The frame are made out of plastic with flexible arms and are filled with water-based ink, so you don't have to worry about the frames breaking and spilling ink everywhere.

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