Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stop Recycling, Start Reparing!!!

Core77's favorite Platform21 presents a new project called "Repair Manifesto", after presenting "Hacking IKEA" and other projects. According to Platform21, they is "a platform for people curious about the future. An old, round chapel in Amsterdam is our public design laboratory."

The Manifesto makes some very good points on the art of the fix, sharing helpful points to get the reader to embrace the do-it-yourself repair projects as the next form of recycling, rather than falling back on the society of the instantly disposable.

You can support the people at Platform21 by simply repairing your own damage goods and emailing the results to their email, info[at] If the repair job is good enough, you might even see your work in a show all about the idea of repairs and retooling. The show opens March 13, so find something broken of damaged, pick your brain for ideas, and get to work!

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