Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Toughest (and shiniest) Car Known to Man

The recent New York Toy Fair debuted a large number of new products and designs, like always, but none of's images from the show caught my eye like the Crystallized Swarovski Lamborgini by Maisto, a die-cast model car company. I don't think anything could every be quite as shiny and impressive as something like this, unless someone were to cover a full-sized Lamborgini in giant diamonds.

My question is, though, why do something like this? It seems like there is always an attempt for the rich to one up everyone else in the world not by doing the next big thing, but by producing the next ridiculously over-expensive thing for them to show off to everyone else. Oh well. Let them do what they want with their millions and billions, I suppose. I'd just love to get close enough to one of these things to see it in detail.

More images of the Swarovski-covered car can be found on Maisto's Daily Dose blog.
The above image was taken by Veanne Cao and originally found here.

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