Sunday, April 26, 2009

Human Skateboard

'Core jr' from 'Core77' posted extreme video couple days ago. I know that some of you already seen this popular and well-made stopmotion video, but I would like to share it anyway. So enjoy!

Original post come from 'Core 77' and please click HERE to read more.

Tent Sofa - Milan Design week 09

'ap' from 'Core77' present Philippe Malouin's Tent Sofa via Campeggi.

"At first it appears to be an ordinary chair, but thanks to Velcro, Malouin's design transforms into much more!"

Original post and video comes from Here.

Pratt Digital Arts 2009 Animation Screening

Pratt Department of Digital Arts 2009 presents animation screening on Thursday, April 30, 6:00pm to 8:00pm on the memorial hall at Pratt Brooklyn campus. Come and enjoy this year's undergrad and grad students great films. I already watched hard working student Cilian Tung's animation and it is great.

Thursday, April 30, 2009
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Memorial Hall, Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Original pictures from DDA facebook page and more information, please click Here.

Pratt Grad ID Student Presentation

Wow! 'Core jr' from 'Core77' introduce Pratt Grad ID student's thesis presentation! It's glad to see Pratt name on this site as a Pratt student. :p

The Spring 2009 Industrial Design Graduate Thesis Presentations will be taking place on Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd, 12:30 pm-5:00pm on the 4th floor of Pratt Studios at the Brooklyn campus. A gallery reception will follow the presentations on both days. More info at the site.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hyuh Jin Lee's ID with a twist

Core 77 reviewer Hipstomp posted a recent article about London-based industral/interior designer Hyuh Jin Lee. According to Hipstomp, Hyuh Jin's products have a sense of humor, like his 'Protective Colouring Chair' and 'Dr. Hard Drive Bag' that "heals your PC."

To read the original article, click Here.
To check out Hyuh Jin Lee's other fun works, click Here.

1 Hour Design Challenge: Business Card Hacks

This month's '1 Hour Design Challenge: Business Card Hacks' gives you the opportunity to create an extraordinary business card. The concept of the 'Seed Card', designed by Greenman, pictured above, is to cut off the the bottom part of the card and plant the top half of it in soil, using the sprouting flowers to remind others of you. I think this concept for a business card is brilliant, since the globe is into the Go Green theme right now. However, my friend told me that he had been seen this idea before from a Japanese book on unique business card designs somewhere several years ago, so it sounds like it's not a 100% original idea. Oh, well. It's hard to say anything is 100% original nowadays, right? It's still a nice design and idea for ordinary boring business card.

Original article and photogragh comes from 'Core77', posted by 'core jr'.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nintendo's new DSi

Nowadays, we often see the new Nintendo DSi commercial on TV. As a gamer and Nintendo nerd, I have been dying waiting for this system to come out. However, when I read several reviews, I made up my mind to wait until an upgraded version comes out, instead of upgrading my DS Lite. There are pros and cons about the DSi from 'Kotaku - the game blog', written by Brian Crecente.

Hardware Redesign: The DSi has been overhauled inside and out. The new portable is 12 percent thinner, slightly longer and has a smudge-resistant matte finish. The DSi also has redesigned speakers, slightly larger, slightly more crisp screens, and a volume button that can also adjust screen brightness on the fly.

More importantly, the DSi sports a CPU clocked at 133 MHz, as opposed to the DS Lite's 66 Mhz, and with 16 MB of RAM has four times the RAM of its predecessor.

Cameras: There are two .3 megapixel VGA digital cameras built into the DSi, one on the internal hinge pointing at the gamer and the other on the top right corner of the case, pointing at the world. The cameras aren't fantastic, but they can be quite a bit of fun for playing around with images.

SD Slot: The ability to slap any SD card into the DSi for storing or transporting games, audio and pictures is a big plus for this system. It means you won't have to worry about running out of space when you start snapping pics or downloading games. It also offers plenty of opportunity for things like a video download service in the future.

Interface: The DSi's sports a slick interface that you can use to quickly hop around in the system with and personalize. The top screen can display an image you take with your DSi and the bottom screen is a row of icons that can be moved about. As you download software, more icons appear. When you pop a game in the DS slot, that game appears as well. The best part is that I have yet to have to restart my DSi after going online or playing a game, you just tap the power button to return to the home screen.

DSi Store: The ability to purchase and download games on the fly with your DSi is the main reason I wanted this portable. Sure, the initial offering is surprisingly weak, but it can only improve over time. And I'd be surprised if they didn't start offering retro titles for the store as well. I also love that I can buy points for the system without having to leave the store.

GBA Slot: The biggest problem with the DSi is that it puts a bullet in the head of the Game Boy Advance. Sure, Nintendo might (read: should) start selling GBA games as downloadable titles down the line, but if you already have a bunch, that isn't going to be much consolation. Worse is the fact that nifty add-on controllers, like the one for Guitar Hero: On Tour, which use the GBA slot, will be useless if you pick up a DSi.

Photo Sharing: I love the idea of the cameras and the software, while super gimmicky, can be quite a bit of fun to play around with, even for adults. But not being able to import images taken from anything other than a DSi and not being able to send your photos to a cell phone or a PC is inexcusable.

While images can be loaded onto an SD card, Nintendo makes no claims about whether you'll be able to actually view edited images once you plug that card into a PC. When I examined an SD card with pics saved on it I was able to find the files, each about 35 KB JPEGs. It would be great, though, if they took a couple of steps out of the process and let you send email them or send them to a phone.

Nitpicks: In general, the DSi is a solid piece of equipment. It does, however, have quite a few irksome issues. The DSi's battery life is one to ten hours shorter than the DS (depending on use). The charger for your DSi is, once again, designed only for the DSi. Pictochat remains unchanged and is still missing the ability to go online. And the free downloadable web browser is painful to use, doesn't support Flash and quickly runs out of cache space.

Overall, the DSi is a great upgraded version of the DS Lite, but I feel they could have done a better job compared to other portable game systems. Definitely I want the DSi sooner or later, but I am going to wait until the second generation of DSi comes out. Hopefully, it comes out with better features.

William Warren - Shelves For Life

According to designer William Warren, "Shelves For Life is a self-initiated project to further explore ideas of built-in sentimentality within our possessions. The aim is to make stronger emotional relationships with our belongings and encourage life-long use."

The concept seems interesting, but a little morbid. I like that the shelves are custom built for the person's measurements, but those are not likely going to be the same measurements as when the person dies (I hope). Also, the likelyhood of a person actually keeping or enjoying the shelves for their entire lifetime seems unlikely, although that is the point of the shelves and their design in the first place.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fabien Nauroy's Nokia concept phone

Rain Noe, who goes by hipstomp on Core77, never disappoints me with his article. He posted Parisian Industrial design student Fabien Nauroy's Nokia concept phone design. It is a very slim and slick design that will likely become the iPhone's big rival, if this concept design sees creation. Obviously this design has more keys, but even nowadays, people still want the analog style of keyboards. It is a very exicting thing to be able to watch two big companies battle and wonder who will win the battle in this industry.

UNITECH futuristic commercial

While I was looking for some references for the assignment, I came across this commercial. It's not only 'Cool' looking TV commercial, actually it's very well made futuristic commercial presenting the company well, so I thought it would be nice to share this one with others as well.

Tagline, Treatment, Storyboard, Animatic Video

- Blobjects carry the flag in a world whose manifest destiny is 'organic behavior in a technological matrix.' Chips shape them and make them behave. Computer-aided design and injection molding allow them to assume any form. They get their organic forms directly from us: from mimicking human flesh."

- The organic behavior concepts of blobjects will spread in use.

- Blobjects flourish.

- Utilizing perpetually self-updating, amorphous N-CEL technology, the Prototype is the only all-in-one digital device you will ever need, including wireless data-stream access and vid-talk and chirp services with global coverage and the ability to reshape itself to your specifications.

- Flourish. Connect. Evolve.
- Let life bloom.
- Flourish your life.
- Flourish life.
- Let life flourish.

  • Open on sakura (cherry blossom) petals slowly falling down the screen. The scene is filled with falling pink.
  • Camera angle zooms slowly forward with the petals still falling, losing focus on the trees in the background.
  • One black petal falls down the screen along with the other pink petals.
  • Transition movement to the ground beneath the viewer, showing the floor a carpet of pink sakura petals.
  • The black "Petal" lands on the ground, as a blobject, not a black flower petal, peaceful and calm.
  • The tagline "FLOURISH. CONNECT. EVOLVE." shows on the screen.
- Black, Pink, Red, White
- Smooth, Slick, Matte