Sunday, April 19, 2009

1 Hour Design Challenge: Business Card Hacks

This month's '1 Hour Design Challenge: Business Card Hacks' gives you the opportunity to create an extraordinary business card. The concept of the 'Seed Card', designed by Greenman, pictured above, is to cut off the the bottom part of the card and plant the top half of it in soil, using the sprouting flowers to remind others of you. I think this concept for a business card is brilliant, since the globe is into the Go Green theme right now. However, my friend told me that he had been seen this idea before from a Japanese book on unique business card designs somewhere several years ago, so it sounds like it's not a 100% original idea. Oh, well. It's hard to say anything is 100% original nowadays, right? It's still a nice design and idea for ordinary boring business card.

Original article and photogragh comes from 'Core77', posted by 'core jr'.
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