Monday, May 4, 2009

Ari Des622 Final

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Final Animatic Video - Flourish. Connect.

Networking Project: Jeff Munger

Jeff Munger is a Retail Manager and Jewelry Designer working in Matrix. According to him, the future of design is:

"The future is the present only faster, more precise, and with more flexibility and freedom. In my world of design we are gaining in our abilities to design as sculptor do. Free form has been a concept that has been largely ignored by the mainstream designers due to the rigid geometric nature of the available programs. This is changing and as it does the fashion trends will follow. Ours is an industry where style was strongly influenced by design technology.

In the big world around us...
The art of designing most all things can be made better with the aid of advanced technology. This will take place in each discipline when the science of improving the human interface becomes truly human."

Thank you so much, Mr. Munger!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Final stopmotion vedio

Final stopmotion video for 'Petal Project'.

Networking Project: Zach Sawan

Zach Sawan graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA - Illustration. He's currently working as a doggy daycare attendant and one of the greatest artists that I know from Pratt Institute.

I asked him about what is future of design is:

"I think the future of design will be dependent on resources. The more resources we have, the more it will be valued and flourish. As we run out of resources, design will become simpler and use less material and energy to create. It will be one of the first things to go if humanity becomes seriously strapped for resources, kind of like the way art and music classes are the first thing to go with budget cuts at schools."

Networking Project: Adam Munger

Adam Munger is currently majoring in Illustration at Pratt Institute. I met him at SLCC (Salt Lake Community College) in Utah. He's working on a comic book with Mark Andrew Smith right now and working in the OIA at Pratt.

I asked him what is future of design:

"The future of design will lead further down the path of blobjects and sleek, "futuristic" and minimalist designs. Portable functionality and all-in-one tools will continue to spread as the defining line between the singular purpose of objects blurs. I would hope that a rise in DIY design continues along the current boom and leads to more and more unique and culturally valuable designs."

Networking Project: Cilian Tung

I met Cilian Tung at the OIA (Office of International Affairs) at Pratt Institute and asked her some questions. She's currently a Digital Art Animation student at Pratt and she's a very talented artist who just had an animation screening show for her Senior survey.

Her opinion on the future of design is:

"future of design will be really awesome and will mix with really high technology. or even program a computer that can create design OoO~ i think."