Sunday, September 12, 2010

Obesity and Taste buds?

This last April, I came across an article, while researching about obesity, about the relationship between taste buds and obesity.

A study at Deakin University in Australia found a new result that human taste buds can detect a sixth taste, fat, and they argue that this may be the key to reducing obesity. The researchers found that humans have a fat-taste threshold and and the subjects were found to have lower body mass with higher sensitivity. They believe that developing new low-fat foods and diets will reduce the obesity problem.

Researcher Russell Keast says, ''We are now interested in understanding why some people are sensitive and others are not, which we believe will lead to ways of helping people lower their fat intakes and aid development of new low-fat foods and diets.''
He also says, "So when we understand one of the factors involved in developing obesity - which we think this certainly is - it could help us look at a set of strategies to reduce obesity.''

The original article can be found from here.

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