Monday, September 27, 2010

Who Are You?

As a Student : Graduate Communication Design at Pratt Institute in NY.

I was born and raised in Korea, moved to the US about 8 years ago for school. I currently am mastering in digital design emphasis at Pratt Institute.

As an Illustrator

I am working on a children's book with Adam Munger under the psuedonym 'Arimo'. I also do fantasy illustration and still love to use traditional mediums to do my illustration, along with digital medium.

As a Crafter: PoppyEater

I am a handmade crafter and own a shop on Etsy. Currently, I do jewelry, felting, sewing, and knitting. PoppyEater is a pair of artists working out of their little niche in one of the greener parts of Brooklyn, New York. PoppyEater seeks to overlap their interests, skills, and materials in a single symbolic artform. As neither artists are professional taught in jewelry design, PoppyEater, in the future, will not be limited solely to beaded jewelry pieces.

As a Foody

I love to eat and cook. It's the most simple way to make myself happy. I often go on adventures to find great places to eat out.
I can't decide who I truly am and I often get trouble when I thinking about it. However, I believe all of these parts are in me and it's the elements that make up myself.
It's just that I can't really be satisfied to limit myself to only one occupation or interest. So, what about you? How many aspects are in you?

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