Monday, October 11, 2010

Formations of the Modern Movement 1

Reading response from "Graphic Design History; a critical guide - chapter 8.

"London: The Studio. 1893-1910., A complete run of the first 17 years, with 100 original graphic works. The preeminent art journal of the Arts and Crafts movement. All volumes with original graphics are present including the five lithographs by Whistler. The Studio commissioned original graphic works for inclusion in its periodical magazine (as opposed to the Special Numbers).The artists include Whistler (5 original lithographs), Pennell, Nicholson, Brangwyn, and Riviére, among others. 20.5 x 28.5 cm. Original cloth. Some front covers dampstained. A list of all the prints is available."

Source from here.

When this chapter started with explains the art and crafts movement, I was wondering what’s the relationship between art and crafts and it was interesting that this early nineteenth art and crafts movement evolved into productive dialogue and how it developed into my favorite movement, which is Art Nouveau. The interesting part was where described relationships in the industrialism, first thing said the gap between aesthetics and production methods that are form and surface between means and materials, the second things are the distinction between made and designed in terms of traditional or production way. Fine art and mass media tried to resolve the contradictions between them during this industrial era and they developed stylistic graphic art form and this arts and crafts movement was reaction to the industrialization. The first independent art journal ‘The studio’ cover in 1893 show the movement of arts and crafts well in terms of organic and decorative motifs along with stylized layout.

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