Monday, October 11, 2010

Formations of the Modern Movement 3

Reading response from Graphic Design History; a critical guide - chapter 8.

When Art Nouveau banalized by population, artists and consumers were thirst for new style in the end of the nineteenth century. The ‘modern’ design spread through German, Belgian, and Dutch designers and they developed a workshops to explore the fundamental modern elements such as geometric shapes and line elements, etc, it convinced that modern graphic designers should adopt the industrial methods into formal account. One of sponsored artiste at this time was Peter Behrens who designed AEG new type designer in 1907. One of his posters of AEG is made in 1910 and it clearly shows that he had a innovative vision for use of geometric pattern and fundamental elements in here. He used repeated use of circle shapes to illuminate the echo of light sparkling and those circle or dots forms circle, square, and triangle shapes creates overall shapes of monumental stability. His poster ad inspired many graphic artists and this style dominated for decades and obviously, it sat the base for modern graphic design for us. While I was looking at this poster, I again realized how you can play with simple geometric shapes and fundamental elements to great interesting patterns and how simplicity powerful is without saying a lot. 

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