Monday, October 4, 2010

Hippie Patchwork Clothing

"Hippie Patchwork clothing was first seen at Grateful Dead concerts in the 60's. First worn by a group called "The Spinners." The Spinners were known back then as The Family of Unlimited Devotion. They were a communal group of young people who would twirl in circles at Grateful Dead shows. The Spinners would be the first to wear, make & sell these handmade items at the concerts. At that time, a group of them would make the items together & all were sewn by hand. This unique style of clothing had alternating colors & patterns of materials, sewn together in pannels on skirts, pants, shorts, dresses & tops that resembled aprons. Today, Hippie Patchwork is a great way to recycle fabric scraps. The style is still very popular & is in great demand. Most Hippie Patchwork today is sewn by machine but still designed & created by independent artists."

Original article from here.

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