Monday, November 1, 2010

Contemporary Craft: A Brief Overview by Bruce Metcalf

"Craft still stands against the anonymity of mass-production, and for the personalized object."

"Craft still stands against ugliness, and, on occasion, for beauty."

"Craft still stands against big-money capitalism, and for small-scale entrepeneurship"

"Craft stands against corporate labor, where most workers are replaceable parts in a bureaucracy, and for individual self-determination."

"Craft stands for the rich potential the human body at work, and against disembodiment in all its forms."

"Craft continues to be a social movement, often intuitive and without leadership. I see craft as a collective attempt to relocate personal meaning in a largely indifferent world. As a teacher and observer, I constantly see how craft functions as a vehicle to construct meaning, and how it gives substance and dignity and grace to individual's lives. Furthermore, I suggest that any history of contemporary craft would have to account for this fact."

Original essay from here.

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