Monday, November 8, 2010

Two Great British Obsessions – Tea and DIY

Why DIY?

The reasons why people engage in DIY have always been numerous and complex. For some, DIY has provided a rare opportunity for creativity and self expression. For others it has been an unwelcome necessity, driven purely by economic considerations. Then there has been a group which feels that a building can never be a home unless it has been altered and modified to reflect a change of occupancy. A final group has traditionally taken the line that if you want a job done well, you must do it yourself.
The same four basic species of DIYers exist today, although these various motives may now overlap very substantially. The perfectionist in search of the good job done well is often also driven by a desire for creativity. There are also two new categories of motive – the pursuit of DIY as a leisure activity and DIY as a form of occupational therapy. These, again, overlap with other reasons.

- DIY as necessity
- DIY as territorial marking
- DIY as self-expression
- DIY as perfection-seeking- DIY as leisure activity
- DIY as therapy

Original article come from SIRC (Social Issues Research Centre),
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