Monday, January 31, 2011

Thesis II: Project Description

Thesis II Ready~ Go!!!

Project Description

Are you crafty person? Do you have a craft habit? Have you ever dream about owning a small business?

If your answers are 'Yes', then my project is perfect for you.
Many crafty people dream about opening their own small business with what they love to do. That is everyone's dream, right? Making profits with what you love to do the most in your life and to have fun while you are doing it.

However, many people have difficulties making their dreams and fortunes come true. Simply put, they are not sure how to do it or doubt that they can accomplish it. Another obstacle is the financial hurdle. Most crafters keep their day jobs in order to afford their craft habits and they are not sure how they can afford starting up a small business.

Owning a business requires time, needs a financial plan, and well thought-out marketing and branding plans.  If you have a limited budget and if you are clueless about business, my project will come in handy to you.

This project [a financial, branding, and marketing D.I.Y (do it yourself) kit] for craft artisans will guide you to along as you begin preparations for your own small crafting business.

With an official website, you can easily access ways to plan financial strategies and share your opinions with the crafting community. It is practical, useful, and has a user-friendly interface. You can also download applications for smart phones and other digital devices, so you can check your status and information anywhere. Oh, you say you do not have a smart phone? That is okay. You can carry around your D.I.Y. planner with you. This yearly planner contains monthly charts where you can write and make plan for the day to year business and use the blank pages to sketch your craft ideas on a daily basis. What is special about this planner? Well, simply plug a USB cable to the planner's spine to connect it to your home computer. It will automatically sync with your computer and the official website and upload your plans, notes, and sketches for you. So if you love to doodle or proper writing, this planner is great for you.

Possible projects

*Official Website that provides financial, branding, and marketing planning.
*Applications for iPhone, iPad, or other smart phones. (Official website on-the-go.)
*Year planner/ sketch book that can be synchronized digitally with a home computer. (Concept design.)

Why I am doing this project? As a communication designer, it is important to built a bridge between other fields and make a user-friendly environment for designers and crafters to work with.

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