Monday, February 14, 2011

Project Sitemap

Project Sitemap

Project Description

Project Description

This project's goal is to create a user friendly environment for handmade crafters who want to own and manage their own small business in the future and helps them to manage and improve their limited financial issues with social network services (SNS). This project also creates community involvement by sharing community member's social business techniques and social skills.

The project is inspired by traditional spending entry books and online financial management programs such as and

The project target audience is handmade crafters, ages 25 to 45, who want to own a handmade craft business, but who have difficulties managing their limited budgets.

This project will provide members ways to improve their business in ways that you cannot get from just reading a how-to book by yourself.

This social network community site is NOT to sell or buy crafts. It is for crafters to share their project goals and encourage others to keep up with their own and to be strong to reach the key goals which will ultimately aid in owning a small business in the future. This project is using social network system to set the base to start a new craft business. This community members could share their goals, ideas, information, and encourage each others. This project also provides twitter, facebook so they can show how they are productive and stay strong for their own goals.

This project adapted social game methods which is level up system that provides users to customize and decorates their profile page when they earn special badge (i.e ribbon, new paper texture, color theme, etc). Also the users can view anonymous member's goal and their piggy bank status to build competition or encourages.

Unique Features

* Easy sign-up:
We are not asking detailed information or how much money you make or not. However, this project has do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) characteristics, so everything is on your own. That is why you have to agree to the 'pledge promise' when you are sign-up, which symbolizes you are committed to honesty in your postings and in setting and managing your own goals. Dishonesty will only hurt yourself and no-one else.

* Online spending entry book: You can create your own spending entry book here and manage your spending records. In this way, you can monitor your irregular spendings and navigate which parts (i.e. eating out, shopping, etc.) you can save money by altering or even cutting back on.

* Online monthly planner: You can use this feature just like a real-world yearly planner book to easily plan your weekly schedule and incorporate it into your spending and goal-making.

* Saving goals: You can set your own goals for your business. You can look up databases to see the approximate fees to own and manage a small business, such as business license fees, supplies fees, and online domaine fees, etc. When you enter your goals, you can enter how much you have deposited to your goal's saving account and the piggy bank graph will show how much you have accomplished.

* Email alert system: We send you an email if you forgot to update your spending or saving information, in order to alert you and encourage to stay strong and accomplish your goals!

* D.I.Y. profile:
You can decorate your profile page and show your own handmade crafts here, including links to your personal site or gallery elsewhere.

* New forum:
you can start a new forum in here. Other members could share their ideas, leave a comment, etc.

* Blog:
You can upload your blog articles here and share your thoughts with other members.

* Gallery: Members can view other member's handmade crafts from here and comments here.

* Branding and marketing: Share member's tips on their branding and marketing skills.

New name for 'Craftopia'

I need to give a new name for my 'Craftopia' project. Which one sounds better?

Handmade/ Craft/ Play/ Money/ Easy/ Joy/ Business/ Finance/ Saving/ Piggy Bank/ Profit...


Monday, February 7, 2011


Great Insperation! is great way to manage your financial headache! It's user friendly and easy to navigates.
I am amazed the simply look of this interface. They don't even ask your name and address. You only needs your email address and zip code. Hummmm...
They explain pretty directly how they are secured with your information.
I think I can trust this site. >;)